How to manually load an OptinMonster optin from a navigation menu link

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At first glance, this seems like it would be simple enough, right? OptinMonster has a whole tutorial showing you how to add a link that opens an optin form, and the basic form of the code is something like this: … Continue reading

Writing my core functionality plugin


I’ve seen a number of people I respect talking about writing a “core functionality” plugin which, essentially, accomplishes two related goals: Streamlines development by allowing for repetitive functionality to “go” somewhere without creating 15-20 different plugins to do those typical tasks or … Continue reading

MainWP vs. ManageWP and why I’m switching 

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I really like ManageWP. Really. I like it enough that I’ve paid them thousands of dollars for their services, and it’s been worth every penny, with a few hiccups. But now, I’m switching over to MainWP. The reason is almost … Continue reading

Tips and tricks for using Google Apps and Gmail

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Google Apps is a beautiful product, and virtually identical to Gmail. And it may soon become even better (here’s an article as of May 2014 on how it may change). But if you’re stepping into Google Apps for the first … Continue reading

WordPress Front-End Editors: Barley vs. Velocity Page vs. Front-end Editor vs. WordPress Front-end Editor vs. Visual Composer

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So, there are really five front-end editors that seem full-featured to me, and some might be just a tad too full-featured for me to be comfortable passing them off to a client to use. Here’s a review of each one: Barley … Continue reading

Why we charge our clients for processing (but let them opt out)


I’ve been on every side of this question: “Do you eat processing fees or pass them along to clients?” At the end of the day, every business you ever pay passes these costs along to you. There’s no free lunch, so whether … Continue reading

Selectively hide dashboard widgets and toolbars from WordPress users

Remove dashboard widgets for users

It’s often useful to clean up the dashboard for your users, even for your administrators (and to add your own dashboard widgets). In the same vein, you might want to use some helper plugins like Plugin Toggle, Gravity Forms Toolbar, … Continue reading

Performance optimization for WordPress (using this site as an example)

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I thought people might be interested in seeing this, as I’ve gotten pretty good results with this site in terms of page speed. An average site loads in 2.45 seconds, according to Google. This site, by contrast, loads in about … Continue reading

A new site, a new name – but the same business


As I launch this new site, I’m sure I’ll be getting some questions from our current clients – is our contract still in place? Is our hosting still good? Yes, and yes. The only thing changing about the business (other … Continue reading

Yahoo Policy Update and Gravity Forms

Gravity Forms

Yahoo updated a significant policy last week, and we’ve seen an impact on a few of our sites. Here’s the upshot of what happened (source: Info World): With the new policy, when a Yahoo user sends an email to a … Continue reading