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#Primetime #Hashtags

Posted by on May 15, 2012

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We’ve had this discussion before, about #hashtags and television. This trend is spreading like wildflowers! And viewers are noticing and tweeting about it. Hashtags are used to broaden your reach and engage conversation, and television networks are using this to their advantage during all our favorite prime-time television shows.

They appear as quick as they are mentioned. From #MeepMeep on New Girl to #thesave on American Idol, networks are finding new ways to engage viewers to a show they normally wouldn’t watch.  These faint watermarks in the corner of the screen don’t distract, but allow viewers to question what the fuss is all about.

Why TV #Hashtags Will Stick Around

Here’s a #hashtag sample of the New Girl season finale from May 8.

Remember chat rooms on AOL? Well this is like that, only genius and less creepy. Good marketing initiates questions, and ultimately more fans. Twitter hashtags are perfect for fans to initiate a conversation with one another about their favorite shows. TV networks will benefit for using TV hashtags to reach more followers each week and have online buzz through real-time discussions. The best part, networks are keeping their audience entertained long after the hashtag is pound-signed on the screen.

What are some of your favorite #hashtags from TV? Tell us in the comments!

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