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Less is More

Posted by on April 16, 2012


Ever heard the expression “less is more”? Bringing websites back to basics is exactly where we are going with this post. You don’t need crazy designs to have increased traffic to your domain. We understand you want an attractive website, and we will ensure that no detail is left behind. But first thing is first: you must have a purpose.

Establishing yourself online is a big leap and opens doors to new opportunities. So create a door that is easy to open rather than blocking it with clutter. Have you ever been to a website that had so many tabs, flying objects and pictures that left you asking, “Why did I come here?” Keep your design on track to help visitors gather your overall message and compliment your focus. Anything you add that doesn’t support your site can cause a disinterest and fail to deliver your site’s message.

Consider the melody of your web design. Can your site stay in tune?

Whitespace is a great way to create a gateway to what is important. It is perfect to allow elements on the page to have room to breathe, and it looks clean and organized, not cramped and run together.

Create a path. Eliminate the clutter by not adding them in the first place! Spending time with Redfish will not only allow you to define a purpose early in the design process, it will also eliminate extra content that filled up space.

A splash of color can go a long way. Really! Creating a clean and simple design can also be simplified with your color choices. With small pops of color, users eyes will immediately go to the main feature on the website. You can even paint a path to lead visitors to their choice destination!

Finding a balance can be a tricky endeavor. Having a successful site with a great design does have a positive effect. Making good design choices will allow users to spend more time on your site and saying “This was very helpful.” and it will leave you saying “less is truly more.”

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  1. Jon says:

    Great post! 100% agree.

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