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A Boost for Ratings #thesave?

Posted by on April 13, 2012


Did anyone see American Idol’s #thesave from Thursday nights show? It’s down to the last 7 contestants on the American talent show and AI history was made. The bottom three was singers-Joshua Ledet , Elise Testone and Jessica Sanchez. If you follow the show at all, it was a shocking realization. Which started to make viewers question- is this for real?

Once Ryan Seascrest had announced the bottom two, the studio became a mad house, as well as the judge’s panel. Jennifer Lopez, Randy Jackson and Steven Tyler were in shock to see the two ladies that stood before them and were confident in using their card tonight to save a contestant, but which one?

With no commercial break, Seacrest announced the eliminated contestant, and the studio turned into a public outrage. Tweets came piling in over the Internet as fans of Jessica Sanchez- famous for her graceful Whitney Houston performance 4 weeks earlier, witnessed her curtain closing before her. As routine, the eliminated singer must perform their song of the week before the panel as their last goodbye, but something was different- JLo ran from her seat on the panel and stopped the performance, followed by Randy and Steven to grant Jessica Sanchez #thesave.

For the first time on AI, judges took the microphone from an eliminated performer and spoke to America directly by saying “We are saving Jessica, without a doubt! “ shouts Randy. “This girl is one of the best singers in America! Ever! Are you kidding me? Please, everybody, please vote for the best! This about finding The Best!”

Here is the actual elimination 1:00 minute into the video along with the aftermath.

Post saving the 16-year-old from packing her bags, the screen instantly flashed #thesave so that Idol viewers could tweet their responses for what they just witnessed.

So was this a quest for ratings? Or truly, did America vote for the pretty boys and forget what the show is really about? Randy Jackson, you are correct. This is about finding The Best!

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